Bicycling in Lexington, MI There are many bike rides through the countryside surrounding Lexington, Michigan. They have been developed by the Chaingang Bicycle and Adventure Club and vary in length from ten to forty miles. While the scenic terrain is predominantly country farms and Lake Huron, it is relatively flat and easy peddling. The low traffic volumes are a treat for the city bicyclist. However, bicycling is a hazardous sport with many of these roads having insufficient should width and pot holes. The rider should always wear a helmet, never use ear phones, and always be attentive to changing conditions.

Easy 1. Ride around the streets of Lexington and enjoy the historic homes, beach, parks, and shopping. Visit the library for a copy of the historic buildings in Lexington (one to four miles). 2. Ride the Bike Path to Croswell and view the farms along the way. The hill just west of Lexington can be tough for the novice so just walk up. Visit the swinging bridge over the Black River in Croswell (ten miles).

Intermediate 3. Ride north along M-25 to County Farm Road. Travel west on County Farm Road to Old 51. Travel south to Croswell and ride the Bike Path east to Lexington. Enjoy the country scenery, Lake Huron vistas, and the swinging bridge in Croswell (16 miles) 4. Ride west along the Bike Path to Croswell. Go north through Croswell to Harrington Road. Travel on Harrington Road and the follow the pavement onto Wagner, Hall, Brown, and Stilson roads. This route is known as the “country tour” and while the road has no shoulder, there is very little traffic. You can enjoy the farm views along the way. It is particularly good towards the evening with the setting sun. Return the way you came but be careful to leave enough time for return in the day light. (16-30 miles, depending where you start your return). 5. Ride west along the Bike Path to Croswell. Go south on Black River Road to Galbraith Line Road. Go west on Galbraith Line Road to Roseburg. Take a break in Roseburg at the party store. Return east on Galbraith to Todd Road. Go north on Todd Road to M-90. Go east on M-90 and join the bike path in Croswell. Continue on to Lexington. Again, this route is a relaxed country tour with many animal farms along the way. You may see bison, elk, goats, lamas, pigs, horses, cows, cattle, and sheep. This is known as the Black River route and it is best traveled on weekends or early evening when these is less traffic on M-90 (32 miles). 6. Ride north along M-25 to Port Sanilac. Stop at the roadside park north of Washington. Read the historic markers and enjoy the view. At the edge of town travel east to the water and follow Lake Street into town. While M-25 has moderate traffic, it has a wide shoulder. Again, it is best traveled outside of normal business hours to avoid heavy truck traffic. Stop for a snack or food at Uri’s at the harbor. This is known as the Port Sanilac Streak and you can return the same way (22 miles).

Advanced 7. While not technically difficult, this route is advanced due to its length. Travel west out of Lexington on the Bike Path to Croswell. Travel north on Old 51. Stop in Applegate and browse the antique shops and refreshments at the part store. Continue north and turn east at Washington. Stop at the road side park north of Washington on M-25. Read the historic markers and enjoy the views. Travel south on M-25 to Applegate Road. Turn West and stop in Applegate. Travel south on Old 51 to County Farm Road. Travel east on County Farm Road to the lake. Travel south on M-25 to Lexington (38 miles). Riders are welcome to join the Chaingang Bicycle Club on their scheduled rides. You can gather information on the club and its schedule at: Prepared July 2008